Download checkmail 5.14.4

Checkmail 5.14.4 download

CheckMail 5.14.4 is a truly valuable POP3 email checking application that advises you on receipt of new email. The application enables you to check all your email represents new messages and review or erase them before downloading them to your PC.

CheckMail 5.14.4 enables you to erase undesirable or larger than usual messages straightforwardly from the server without downloading them. It likewise has some convenient apparatuses, for example, the capacity to create and send new messages, and answer to or forward existing messages straightforwardly.

Checkmail 5.14.4 download

Checkmail 5.14.4 download Key Features :

  • Backings boundless POP3 email accounts.
  • SSL bolster (e.g. for Gmail and other SSL empowered servers).
  • Backings answering, sending and sending new messages.
  • Can go about as a POP3 server.
  • It can go about as a SMTP server.
  • Can be utilized as a total mail server for neighborhood and remote records.
  • Custom notices for various messages/accounts/gatherings/and so on.
  • Spam sifting.
  • Adaptable.
  • Windows 10 bolster.

Checkmail 5.14.4 free download

This app also supports multiple email accounts, custom notifications, sorting and filtering and more. Finally we can say that, CheckMail is valuable for pre-checking mail for perilous connections and undesirable contents and so on. It can go about as a server by gathering and sending messages for various clients, and it can check for new messages at customary interims. 

Checkmail 5.14.4 free download from below link.

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