Instagram Auto Poster v.1.0.1- WordPress to Instagram Plugin

Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 WordPress to Instagram-plugin

Instagram Auto Poster v.1.0.1- WordPress to Instagram Plugin

Auto-Post To Instagram plugin will send automated featured image & it also posts title as a post into your Instagram account.
This type of plugin is completely free to download from below and you will also enable you to choose post you would like to auto send into Instagram accounts.

This plugin helps to publishes posts to your SOCIAL NETWORKING accounts like for example Twitter, Facebook,  Google+ as well as Blogger, Flickr, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Instagram, Flipboard, Telegram etc. The complete process is totally automated.

Just write the weblog post and plugin will do the rest. Once you click “Publish” button, your post or announcement will go to all of your configured Social Networks accounts.

Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 WordPress to Instagram-plugin

The first step is for connecting Instagram to your WordPress site.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Visit the Settings-> Social Networks Car Poster Options.
2. Click “Add fresh account” button, go for “Instagram” from the list.
3. Fill your account of Instagram.

You can set image format extend, untouched or crop.
Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 nulled.

Extended – Image prolongs simply by the longer side to create it square. The complete image observes in the stream and in the entire view. In the stream, the picture will appear smaller.

Cropped – Image usually crops to create it square. Some elements of the picture will be complete removes.

Untouched – Image is definitely untouched. Instagram will crop the picture for the stream. Might lead to “Uploads image isn’t within an allowed aspect ratio” Mistake.

In order to talk about WordPress post images about Instagram, you will have to buy PRO version. The paid version costs $49 on a yearly basis.

Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 nulled available at freepaidcontent.

Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 nulled plugin enables you to send posts automatically to your Instagram account.

However, To utilize the plugin you just need to enter your Instagram account. There aren’t any configurations except that. Straightforward and simple.
Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 free-download available below.

Choose if you would like or not also to automatically publish posts from WordPress to your Instagram account.

Instagram is among the most popular social press systems with the huge consumer base.

Similarly, When you can post quality images regularly and create a follower base, Instagram can benefit your business.

However, Using above-pointed out plugins you may use the platform to greatly help your website and get some more traffic to your site.

Stop manually posting each time you want to publish the new post from WordPress to Instagram. Let the plugin do the work so you can concentrate on more important things like writing content.

Instagram-auto-poster v.1.0.1 free-download from below link.

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