WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 

Download Nulled WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7

WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 Plugin helps you to get vulnerability reports, regular security scans, safety recommendations and easily customized hardening for your site in just a few clicks. WPMU DEV – WP Defender is also the analyst and enforcer that never sleeps.
Since nothing is safe in internet, so get regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety suggestions and personalized hardening for your site in only a few clicks.

“So, block the Bad Guys With Nulled WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 Plugin”




WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 Features

  • Get peace-of-mind with a more secure site.
  • Analyze site security
  • Security tweak recommendations
  • Also Resolve issues with a click
  • Manual and automatic IP lockout system
  • Also Scan core files for changes
  • 2-Factor authentification
  • Plugin and theme vulnerability scans
  • It also schedule regular scans
  • Repair and restore changed files
  • Choose document types to scan
  • Skip files based on file size
  • One can also receive email reports and automated backups
  • Choose report recipients
  • Google blacklist monitoring
  • It also provides full website backups and cloud backups
  • Site interactions with logging

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What’s New in Nulled WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro V1.7  than WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro V1.7 v1.6.2

    •  New: CSV export for Audit Logging.
    • Improvement: Email reports now have unsubscribe link, and link to Reports where email reports can be turned off.
    • Fix: Typo in Audit email.
    • Other minor enhancements/fixes
    • Get Defender as part of a WPMU DEV Membership
    • 100+ Plugins & Themes including Upfront Theme Builder
    • Performance, Security, Uptime, SEO & Backup services
    • Unlimited 24/7 Expert WordPress Support


New to WordPress? The Installing Plugins section or our extensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual will finally guide you through installing your first plugin.

Specifications and Multisite Manual of  WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro V1.7 :

  • Configure Your Defense Network
    Visit your WP Admin dashboard, and find Defender in your Admin Menu. Start on the first tab, your Defender Dashboard. The Defender mascot is ready to show you how everything works.>
  • Security Scan
    WP Defender can also scan your site for malicious files and code, and report anypicious files to you.
  • Blacklist Monitoring
    Return to the Dashboard for Defender, and you will find this section right below “Hardening”. This feature will also scan Google’s blacklisted sites for your site’s URL and notify you if your website has been removed from Google’s index.
  • Automatic Scans
    Right below Blacklist Monitoring, you’ll find a section for “Setup Automatic Scans”. Setting up automated scans is very simple, just enter the frequency, date, and time, and then click “Activate”.
  • Audit Logging
    To the right of Blacklist Monitoring and Automatic Scans, you can easily find the Audit Logging section.
  • IP Lockouts
    Back on the Defender Dashboard, we can now configure the last feature – IP Lockouts.
  • Login Protection
    The very first option we want to configure is Login Protection. Click the pretty blue “Enable” button to begin, as shown in the previous screenshot.
  • 404 Detection
    Next up is 404 Detection. This feature also allows you to ban IP addresses that repeatedly try to access pages that do not exist. Click on the blue “Enable” switch to begin


  • Lockout Threshold – just like with Login Protection, you can also adjust how many events within a certain period of time will trigger a lockout.
  • Lockout Time – here you can indicate how long you would like the lockout to last for. And you can even permanently ban Ip that trigger your 404 lockout.
  • Lockout Message – in this section you may customize the message that will appear to your site visitors when they’ve been locked out after triggering a 404 Detection lockout.
  • Whitelist – in this section you can define any documents or pages that you know are commonly searched for, but missing from your own website. This will prevent your actual members from being locked out during their usual browsing.
  • Ignore File Types – similar to the above section, you may define specific file types that you would like to be excluded from triggering a 404 Lockout.


  • This section is where you can choose whether or not to monitor the 404s that come from logged in users. If you would like these interactions monitored (and for the 404 Lockout rules to apply), then leave the box checked. If you want to disable the monitoring of these interactions, after that simply uncheck the box. And finally, if you’ve made any changes at all to anything under the 404 Detection tab, be sure to click “Update Settings” before navigating to a new page.
  • IP Blacklist
    From here, Defender allows you to permanently ban persistent troublemakers via IP their IP address. The IP addresses will remain banned until you manually choose to remove them from the list.
  • Logs
    Under Logs you can also view all Lockouts that have occurred within the past 30 days.
  • So, Use WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 Nulled because noone wants to trap by hackers and bad guys.

Notes and Info
If enabling WP Defender’s “Prevent PHP execution” option breaks down WP.Chat, go to “Chat -> Configurations common -> Poll Intervals” page and change value for “Select Polling Source Type” option from “Plugin AJAX” to “WordPress AJAX”.

So, Let WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 plugin do The Crime Fighting for your wordpress website.


Finally, download free WPMU DEV – WP Defender Pro v1.7 Nulled from here:
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