Swift Performance v.1.2.6- Cache & Performance Booster WP Plugin.

Swift-Performance-v.1.2.6 WordPress-Cache & Performance-Booster WordPress plugin.

Swift-Performance-v.1.2.6 WordPress-Cache & Performance-Booster

Eliminate render-blocking assets

Swift Performance not only minify and combine the CSS and javascript files, but it may create critical CSS on the fly for your Web pages.

Innovative, very fast cache

Swift Performance provides smart caching, you may cache AJAX requests and dynamic requests as well.

Image Optimizer

Swift Performance has a built-in picture optimizer. You can compress your JPEG and PNG images losslessly, and improve your site’s performance.

CDN Support

Swift Overall performance provides CDN support. You can specify a hostname exactly what will be utilized for static resources. You may also arrange 3 different hosts for CSS, JS and for press files.
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Of course, you like WordPress, however, sometimes it requires some tweaks to progress performance. Swift Performance is usually a plug & play answer to get a much better overall performance without coding understanding. It possesses an amazing cache module, but its important feature may be the CSS/Javascript optimization.

Swift-Performance-v.1.2.6 WordPress-Cache & Performance-Booster nulled available at freepaidcontent.

It could merge and minify scripts and styles, move scripts to the footer (without conflicts), and it could generate the critical CSS for every web page on the fly, which is exclusive on the market at this time.
Swift-Performance-v.1.2.6 WordPress-Cache & Performance-Booster nulled.

Swift Performance also has an unlimited, built-in picture optimizer for lossless picture optimization. There can be an amazing lazy load choice, and with the plugin. Additionally, you can inline small pictures which can reduce the number of HTTP requests and enhance the page speed.
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The CDN module really helps to set a CDN service lacking any additional plugin.

The cache module has some unusual features as well, like exclude pages predicated on a content part, or the AJAX cache feature, that may increase AJAX search or other AJAX requests. The smart caching setting will monitor the website in the background, and it can identify if there was any change in the source. When there is any difference between your cached and the live edition, it’ll instantly refresh the cached web page.
Swift-performance-v.1.2.6 wordpress plugin free-download available at freepaidcontent.

Given that producing the critical CSS sometimes needs some CPU, it provides a robust compute API to save lots of some resources on your own server.

In a nutshell, with Swift Performance plugin you can increase WordPress performance. It also reduces the load time to obtain a quicker site.

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