Themify Post Type Builder v.1.3.8- WordPress Plugin

Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8

Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 nulled

We’re likely to talk on the subject of how we are able to use Circulation with the Post Type Builder plugin to make a complete custom made WordPress site that’s tailored to your preferences. As you know, most clients need a lot more than simply the default post types that include WordPress (i.e. Post and Web page).

That’s why we constructed the Post Type Builder, an “all-in-one” plugin to produce any custom post with custom made meta package, taxonomy, and post type template. However, The Post Type Builder has the capacity to generate any post type that you imagine. From a straightforward post type, such as for example portfolio, to a complex post type like house listing.

However, You can Create any kind of custom made post type that you could imagine without writing any kind of code. Everything is performed seamlessly with the WordPress admin backend guiding you through step-by-stage with an intuitive drag & drop interface. It functions on any WordPress site with any theme.

[toggle title=”Click here to see more”]Changelog.

2017.09.04 – version 1.3.8

* Add: Link insight in image field
* REST API support
* It Repair: However, If there two articles with the same area only 1 is visible
* If theme doesn’t make use of excerpt content material PTB couldn’t assign archive layout
* Fix: Link switch field type no longer working, Link key field not working.
* Order by name doesn’t work
* Repair: Inserting PTB shortcode to show posts within a custom post can not work
* Fix: Link switch doesn’t focus on the front end


Similarly, 2017.07.25 – version 1.3.7

* Tweak: Default worth for pagination setting
* PHP7 error fix.


Similarly, 2017.07.21 – version 1.3.6

  • The missing title about archive pages is fixed.
    Fix: Purchase by and purchase doesn’t work


Similarly, 2017.07.13 – version 1.3.5

* Fix: However, Empty repeatable text message field meta box is usually displayed even if there is zero content
* Repair: Query parameters are ignored in Query Articles tab when the PTB is not
* Custom taxonomy web pages don’t use PTB template fix.


Similarly, 2017.06.26 – version 1.3.4

* Fix: Builder stylesheet will not load in PTB solitary post pages
* Repair: However, it Remove paragraphs from builder layout parts put into text widgets
* Repair: If the taxonomies don’t possess archive look at checked display it as text


Similarly, 2017.06.22 – version 1.3.3
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 nulled

* Fix: However, the Template key is definitely missing when there is absolutely no template
* Repair: Taxonomy slug doesn’t facilitate hyphen
* Repair: Numeric field doesn’t screen 0


Similarly, 2017.06.12 – version 1.3.2
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 nulled

* Fix: PTB shortcode adjustments the global post


2017.05.10 – version 1.3.1

* Fix: The purchase by and purchase option doesn’t function in PTB template
ptb_taxes_category parameter fails
* Fix: Wrong purchase for articles displayed in category archives


Similarly, 2017.04.06 – version 1.3.0

* Fix: Backend custom type edit admin panels are broken


Similarly, 2017.04.03 – version 1.2.9

* Add: Post purchase and order by option in PTB Relation display
* Put: However, In PTB template, put custom CSS class insight for row options
* Add: However, Thousand separator substitute for display number field type
* Add: Query by custom made fields
* Fix: However, Double content tags in PTB loops
* Fix: Category web page showing double featured image
* Repair: However, Removing post type delete all of the posts under it
* Fix: However,  Recent articles widget for post types
* Repair: Crop thumbnails to the precise dimension
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 nulled plugin


Similarly, 2017.01.31 – version 1.2.8
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 nulled plugin

* Fix: However, Adding personal Vimeo video doesn’t work, Default WordPress latest posts widget doesn’t focus on               PTB.
* Fix: However, PTB shortcodes no longer working on category pages
* Repair: Chinese Simplified Flag missing

Similarly, 2015.07.03 – version 1.0.3

* Fix: However, Radio areas not showing when zero default option is selected.
Mass removing of post types no longer working
* Fix: However, Static Text message disappears if Visual mode not activated
Archive watch shortcodes usually do not render.
* Repair: However, Untranslated labels in the second vocabulary of the site
* Fix: Error see appear on custom made taxonomy when applied to a not-Themify theme
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 addons free-download below.


Similarly, 2015.06.18 – version 1.0.2
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 nulled plugin

* Repair: However, the template and meta container builder input no longer working on Firefox
* Repair: PTB archive template right now with the_excerpt in theme PHP template
Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 addons free-download


Similarly, 2015.06.17 – version 1.0.1

* FIX: plugin parse mistake when installing
* However, shortcode generator > design parameter says Comment_count
Or  taxonomies display empty label


Similarly, 2015.06.10 – version 1.0.0

* Initial release.[/toggle]

Themify-Post Type Builder-v.1.3.8 addons free-download from below.


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