Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WooCommerce Options & Price Calculation Formulas

Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WooCommerce-Options and Price-Calculation Formulas

‘Uni CPO is the WooCommerce Choices and the Cost Calculation Formula. It is a completely featured plugin that provides a possibility to include any custom choices to your WooCommerce items as well as allows custom price calculation predicated on any maths formula. The existing version includes these kinds of options: text insight, file insight, radio inputs, checkboxes, dropdown, date/period picker, range slider, palette select and text area and also special types such as for example heading, divider, note.

For every option, you may define a name and a couple of specific configurations like – min, max, step ideals for input type quantity/decimal. Or range slider; – max quality and allowed mime types for file insight – sub-choices for checkboxes, radio, dropdown, palette choose etc. This type of plugin provides to create conditional guidelines as well as display or hide options based on the worthiness filled.

Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WooCommerce-Options and Price-Calculation Formulas.

The initial feature of the plugin is that it generates a probability to use any maths formula to be able to calculate the cost of the product predicated on user’s input/options chosen!
Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WordPress plugin nulled available at freepaidcontent.

Moreover, there exists a conditional logic for formula. You’ll be able to create several formulas which apply under certain conditions – a user has chosen choices. And better still – you can produce in option-based adjustable(s) and utilize it in method conditional rules. An instant example: you would like to set a type of base cost (e.g. apply different types of maths related formula) predicated on a calculated region calculates predicated on user’s described width and elevation. Easy! 🙂 It is possible to use different formulas predicated on the worthiness of calculated area!
Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WordPress plugin nulled.

The plugin works together with products type ‘simple’ (including virtual products).

Important announcement

I’ll install the plugin and completely configure one item of their choice. For all those clients who bought a protracted permit of the plugin!

Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WordPress plugin download below.


Options builder – good UI that delivers a smooth user experience
18 types of choices/fields include.
A capability to create as much as you want non-option centered variables and utilize them in a formula(s)
A possibility nearly use every maths related formula for the cost calculation!
The conditional logic for the formula type field.
Conditional logic for options/fields
Cart discounts (currently just qty base.)
Information about a various option.
And purchase item meta and noticeable in a customer’s accounts, on order edit display, in emails
Change product picture for option type drop-down.
A capability to disable product purchasing under certain circumstances.

Uni-CPO-v.3.1.8 WordPress plugin download from below link.


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