Use Your Drive v.1.8.1 Google Drive Plugin

Use-your-drive-v.1.8.1 Google-drive wp-plugin.

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UseyourDrive Features.

File Browser
It builds an incredible Gallery from your own Google Drive Folders.  Audio Player & Video Player
Stream press directly from your own Google Drive with an HTML 5 media player with flash-fallback. Supported types: mp3, mp4, m4a & m4v (AAC/H.264), (Vorbis/Theora), webmv (Vorbis/VP8).

Use-your-drive-v.1.8.1 Google-drive wp-plugin nulled.

Upload to the Cloud
The plugin has a nice Upload Package that allows your users to upload Documents to your Google Drive. This Package is extra effective in combination with an individual Folder feature, that allows you to make a Client Region on your own Google Drive.

Search Data files by name and contents.
Let your users search your files by document name and extension. You also possess the ability to utilize the full-text search that allows you to find beyond the titles of your files.

Use-your-drive-v.1.8.1 Google-drive wp-plugin nulled available at freepaidcontent.

Inline Preview
Directly see your articles or Pictures within an amazing Lightbox that’s contained in the plugin. UseyourDrive is also in a position to render your nearly every kind of Document, therefore, people don’t have to download them before they are able to see the contents.

Embed Files
Just want to embed Documents on your WordPress Web page or Post? You may use the UseyourDrive Embed switch in the WordPress Editor and the plugin can make sure your selected files are nice built-into your page.  Shared

Create a shared hyperlink if you would like anyone to have the ability to click a hyperlink to access your document. People don’t want a Google Drive accounts to see your file.

User Folders
Easily and safely share documents via Google Travel with your clients. AN INDIVIDUAL Folders feature enables your customers to preview, download and upload files to their own personal folder.

You can hyperlink your WordPress Users manually with their personal folder or allow plugin deal with this for you.

All in the Cloud
Google Drive may ease the responsibility on your server, reducing disk space by storing your website’s heavier components externally. Instead of copying documents to your server, this plugin will manage the files on Google Drive. Users will download data files directly from Google Get increasing performance and helping you save bandwidth.

Multiple skins
The Media Participant has multiple nicely designed skins included which can simply be selected via the plugin settings.
Use-your-drive-v.1.8.1 Google-drive wp-plugin free-download below.

User Permissions

Shortcode Builder
Adding UseyourDrive hasn’t been easier! Though it has an impressive quantity of options, even beginners will have the ability to implement the plugin with their wishes with this intuitive workflow  Notifications

Do you wish to track if somebody downloads & uploads documents? The notification program can send out you customizable emails at these times! In mixture with the Google Travel App notifications, you will immediately know whenever a client needs your interest.

Responsive Design
Your content can look great on both desktop and cellular sites whether it’s a File Browser, Gallery, Upload package or a Media Player.

Use-your-drive-v.1.8.1 Google-drive wp-plugin free-download from below link.


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